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In popular Egyptian mythology, Isis is both sister and wife to Osiris the king. Osiris is killed by his dark brother Set, who rips him into 13 pieces and scatters them across Egypt. Isis gathers up 12 of the pieces, creating a new phallus from clay, and brings Osiris back to life in the child Horus. Horus becomes the new king of Egypt, and the next age begins as the cycle repeats.

Isis is the Queen of all regeneration. She is tied to monthly lunar cycles and the yearly growing seasons. Her dark side is often called Nephthys, but she is also Hathor, Sekhmet and many other goddess forms.

Her absolute power over growth and destruction makes her comparable to the Indian Goddess Kali - both beautiful and terrifying. But Isis is also the tender mother we find in the Christian Mary, with the mother-power less diluted. Her ability to master masculine energy remains intact. She can undo any mess that her brothers, Set and Osiris, create. She works with purpose and is not passive in her role.



 Isis Seichim


Seichim is ancient and sacred system. It is an advanced form of hands on healing using symbols and it is said Seichim is the parent energy of all hands on healing systems. Seichim  comes from the Egyptian word SekHem which translated into English means ‘Power of Powers”.

It is believed that Seichim originated from Atlantean times. However, in a more traceable form it can be shown that Seichim was practiced by the Mayan civilization in South America before being introduced to Egypt.

Isis Seichim is a variation of Patrick Ziegler's SKHM that uses the Egyptian goddess Isis as a focus.  Seichim is an energy with a definite Egyptian and feminine feel to it. Some say that Isis Seichim deals with the Healing aspect of Isis as Mother Goddess. Seichim was channeled  in 1984 by, Patrick Zeigler, much in the same mystical way as Dr Usui received Reiki.

Isis is the primary feminine archetype, or energy representative of nature's divine fertility. She is mysterious because she never completely reveals herself to anyone

The symbol set that is known as ISIS Seichim includes variations on the Reiki symbols, some of the Tera Mai symbols and more.

The cost of this course is $49.00 and includes an ebook manual  in .pdf format  and an attractive certificate of completion. You must be a Reiki Master to receive this attunement.


ASET - The Difference - ISIS

ISIS or her more ancient Egyptian name ASET, seems like two different deities if you take a closer look. When the worship of ISIS rose in Greek and Roman days, ASET had already been forgotten for hundreds of years, at this time only a small group of priests still knew how to read the hieroglyphs of the temple walls. The Greek and Roman way of superimposing their cultural values on Egyptian culture affected the interpretation of the original ASET, depriving her of her Egyptian origin and turning her into a Roman deity. The most outstanding difference between them is in my opinion the fierceness and determination of Aset which we can find in the myths, along with her role as a funerary deity. This is not so with Isis who is a much more benevolent and one-size-fits-all kind of a deity ~ Author unknown



 Healing Spell from the Ebers Papyrus
May Isis heal me, as She healed Her son Horus. Of all the pains which His brother Set brought upon to Him. When he slew his father Osiris, oh Isis! Great Enchantress heal me, save me from all evil things of the darkness. From the epidemic, from the evil disease and infections of all sorts that spring upon me, as You saved and freed Your son, Horus. For I have passed through the fire, and have come out of the water; May I never light upon that day when I shall say "I am of no account pitiable." O Ra, who has spoken for Your boday, O Osiris, who prays for Your manifestation, Ra speaks for the body, Osiris prays for the manifestation. Free me of all possible evil, all hurtful things of the darkness, from the epidemic and deadly fevers of all kinds.

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